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“ABT” (Always Be Thinking) is my latest slogan and perhaps my most important lesson to you.

You have to learn the rules – and how to follow the rules – before you can break them. But then, you really must ABT and be prepared to act on a moment’s notice (thought). This was driven home painfully during the American 9/11/2001 hijackings (and subsequent terrorist attacks). Prior to that day, the CW (conventional wisdom) or ‘rule’ was to sit passively by and let the hijackers do their thing. The rules changed that day, but each person had to figure it out on their own.

Which brings me to not one, but two of today’s news stories. The first is how you’d better not sit passively by when your doctor tells you all is ‘okay’ and you feel differently. And the second has to do with security, and the fact that without thinking, your security is nothing more than an illusion.

This article is kinda/sorta about the same thing. It’s an extremely important read, full of sound advice. Here’s one of its money quotes.

Same Tree

Malaysia Airlines flight 370 went down more than 3 weeks ago. The FBI (American Federal Bureau of Investigation) has had a copy of the pilot’s home-made flight simulator (computer) for about two weeks now. Apparently, this past Friday (March 29, 2014) word got out that they’ve discovered nothing out of the ordinary on the hard drive. HOWEVER, American media hasn’t mentioned it all. Even stranger, a simple search on NBC News provides NO RESPONSE – as if the entire disappearing airplane never even happened. Look at these screen grabs:
MH370 - 1 April 1, 2014

Just in case they didn’t recognize the flight number, I tried again using Malaysia Air:
MH370 - 2 April 1, 2014

Now, I’m not crazy, when I type the same query into Google’s “NEWS” search, I do get results:
MH370 - 4 April 1, 2014

At the very bottom, you can see that the FBI has had the flight simulator for a couple of weeks. And you’ll notice that MANY foreign news outlets have reported that the FBI found nothing. So why is the American media totally silent on this count? I can’t even begin to speculate. If you’ve any idea, please write it in the comment section.

If so, try this.

The Malaysian military says that it tracked the plane – for over an hour after last known radio contact – back over Malaysia and into the Straight of Malacca. So why did they wait four days – FOUR DAYS – to let rescuers know that they were wasting precious time and money searching in the Gulf of Thailand.
Malaysian Military Missing Passenger Jet

These are all true, I know, I’ve experienced them all first-hand. You can and should check out the author’s website, here.
Ten Paradoxical Commandments

Don’t trust me, think. Ironically, there probably aren’t as many Americans in both of these groups as one might expect.
Stupid America 2Stupid America 1

Here’s the article. And it is great news! But it’s not good enough. WE NEED EVERYBODY (to be educated.)
Poor Countries

We have the solutions….we need MORE (and BETTER) Leaders. Yes, I mean you!

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