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Bill Gates poses a particularly pertinent question at the 3:54 mark: “Why hasn’t science gone after malaria, diarrhea, pneumonia – the modest number of things that would bring us health equity so that all children’s lives were treated as though they have equal value?”

We have the tools and resources that we need in order for every child to be well-fed, educated and yes, loved. We merely lack the Leaders to make it happen. This is why I am building Quixote University. Because I agree with Bill Gates, not only can we do better, we must.

What does it say about a country when 71% of its youth (ages 17-24) have one of these four problems (which disqualifies them from military service)?
Unfit for Military Service

All we’re missing are the Leaders…

Decisions, decisions, decisions. Seth offers important help in order for you to decide wisely.

There is so much for us to discover; we don’t yet even know .0001% of what is knowable.
We haven’t imagined .0008% of what is doable. So quick, get busy.

THANK YOU, Chinese government. THANK YOU, CCP.

If you’re waiting for a perfect government, you’re going to have a very long wait. It’s been twelve years since I first arrived in China, and I’ve been gone more than 5 years, nearly as long as I lived there (6 years). What I saw, and continue to see, is a government moving in the right direction. It’s not a straight line, it never is. Sadly, for all of those 12 years (and many more) I see the American government moving in the opposite direction.
Phoenix Medical Care
Someone anonymously sent me this jacket of Phoenix’s medical care, with a note telling me that the Welfare Center spent 20,000 RMB on medicine for Phoenix. Each of us has a choice, to either believe or disbelieve this photo. I choose to believe it is real. So again, THANK YOU, Chinese government. THANK YOU, CCP.

Now, in the case that it isn’t real, well, by publicly praising this action, we’re sending a clear signal to the government that this is what we would like more of. And it is, isn’t it?

This report was 30 years ago today. I remember 1984 quite well. We (the developed world) was already quite rich. This massive famine wasn’t because of a lack of resources, it was because of a lack of caring. My generation had the opportunity to live up to the dreams of all of our forefathers: A world where every child is fed, clothed, educated and loved. I’m sorry for our failure. Now it’s your turn. Yes, YOU! Don’t give me the “I’m only 20-something” line. I was 24 in 1984. I live with the shame of our failure every day. You can do better. But it’s a choice, your choice. Choose wisely.

RIP Phoenix 最近将会公布,我挚爱的Phoenix已经于2014年4月14日离开人世了。慢性疾病是导致他死亡的原因之一。Phoenix从一出生就是不幸的,出生的时候就患有身体和心理疾病,没有人关心他。他当时趴在深圳东门的街边整整四天。我想,当时我太无情地在他身边来回经过,直到第五天才意识到他是个几乎绝望,需要关爱的人。

对于他的死,我的内心很沉重,此外更多的是为他在世的时候所遭受的痛苦而难过。 在我照顾他期间,虽然他不能说话,但我看到他可以很清楚的表明自己拥有感情和情绪。 并且这就是我相信的为什么我们应该从Phoenix的一生中学习到的:所有人都需要有人来爱他。 对于Phoenix, 我感到荣幸并且永久的感激。 对于你们,可能有某个你每天擦身而过的人,需要你的帮助。不要错过这个机会,靠近他,关爱他。

我十分感激这些日子有成千上万的怀有善意的人们花时间给我写信,还有不计其数的为Phoenix的故事传播的人们。 我期待着有一天能够重回中国,并且和我爱的人们在一起,就像曾经那些日子一样。
Phoenix Obit Notice
It will soon be reported that my beloved Phoenix is dead, having passed away on April 14, 2014. The cause of death was certainly one of his chronic illnesses. Phoenix was unlucky right from the start. Born with physical and mental disabilities, nobody had much use for him. He lay prostrate on the ground just outside of DongMen in Shenzhen for four straight days. I know, because I too heartlessly passed over or around him before coming to my senses on the firth day, realizing that here was a human being in desperate need of love.

My heart is heavy for his passing, but even more so for the suffering that he endured while on this Earth. During my care for him, although he was mute, he clearly demonstrated that he had feelings and emotions. And this is what I believe that all of us should take away from Phoenix’s life: Everyone needs someone to love them. For Phoenix, that honor fell to me and for that, I am eternally grateful. For each of you, that person may be someone whom you are walking right past every single day. Don’t miss your chance – reach out and love them.

I am so thankful for the many thousands of well-wishes who took the time to write to me, as well as the untold millions who took the time to spread Phoenix’s story. And I long for the day when I can return to China, and live among the Chinese people whom I love, as I have done before. Xiexie
Nash Laoshi

Fail More

Derek Sivers does a very nice job explaining why we all need to fail more.

Why You Need to Fail – by Derek Sivers from Derek Sivers on Vimeo.

We know what to do. We’ve long known what to do. We simply haven’t had the Leaders willing to stand up and SACRIFICE to achieve it. Now, as a consequences, there will (only) be tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths. I’m fearful that the number will hit seven figures (>1,000,000). Lets pray that I’m wrong.

The following graph is from this article: Containing Ebola: What it would take What it takes is more and better Leaders. This is a classic example of why Quixote University is necessary. If you want to sacrifice to create a better world, you can. And QU will help you to do so.
Ebola Oct 2014