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Wow, I wish that everyone could ‘get’, what this Leader ‘gets': the disabled want the opportunity to be as “normal” as possible. They aren’t looking to be treated special; they want to work, to produce, etc…This woman raised millions, with that amount of capital, the theater only has to cover it’s operating expenses (labor, utilities and the cost of the movies), I’m assuming that the building is owned outright. Under these conditions, the business should be able to thrive, and the newly employed should too.

Surprise! 1,000-Year-Old Mummy Found in Buddha Statue

Scientists found something strange inside of an ancient Buddha statue — the mummified remains of a monk. The statue was subjected to CT scans in December at Meander Medical Center in Amsterdam. Researchers determined that the monk went through self-mummification, a process that involves being buried alive inside of a chamber while meditating. You can read the rest of the story here.Mummy

Quick, without stopping to think, name your mentors. If you can’t name them, then you don’t have any – not meaningful ones, anyone. Astute readers will note that I’ve purposely used pluralization. While having a mentor is good, having 3 is magnitudes better.

Finally, an explanation:

To my Chinese friends, and especially to my students, Xin Nian Kuai Le. I miss you all terribly. While I haven’t lost my hope that you’ll pursue greatness with your lives, I do have to move on in terms of my encouragement. You all are now all in your 20’s, and your life’s course is nearly set. It is your life, it is your choice, and while I probably don’t respect your choice*, I definitely respect that it is your right to make it.

I do wish you all success.

*If you’re still confused about why I would write that, I have a simple example. 40% of the people whom I’m currently helping needed glasses. The honor to provide them fell to me, but what about the millions of others? We’ve had glasses for hundreds of years, and this isn’t a money issue, the materials in a pair of glasses costs less than .25 USD. This is about our lack of Leaders – people willing to sacrifice. If you’re still confused, message me.

I’m sorry, and I know that most Americans are going to disagree with me, but this is what I think. It’s our fault when police abuse their authority. At a minimum, we’re complacent because we refuse to even think about how they wield their authority. THINK about it. We give them authority to violate our rights – an authority that they sometimes legitimately need. Therefore it’s incumbent upon us to diligently watch and make sure that they aren’t abusing this power. Clearly, they are. All the apologies in the world aren’t going to make this right. And for all we know, the officer who abused this gentleman may well be – I’d bet that he is – a good officer who made a mistake. There is definitely a training issue here. Excuses aren’t enough, we need solutions. And for that, we need more Leaders – lots more Leaders. People willing to sacrifice to change things.

You should always be looking for additional “pieces of the puzzle” such as this one on viral marketing. It’s very clever that to have the customer donate both a dollar and their time to fill out a colorful Post-It Note.

NBCNews has placed the wrong URL in the embed code. You can watch the video here.