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Today is one of my most special student’s birthday. This cartoon, amazingly, sums up our relationship. It’s also true for the rest of you – assuming that you’re Ru Zi Ke Jiao. (Hurry up and get busy! We need you to Lead.) burden of potential

The situation here really is dire. The previous post’s video is better, but this one also serves its purpose. If you want to help, we can use all the help you can give. We’d prefer your time, but we’ll take your money. (I could help more people if I had more money. As it stands, I’m self-supported. Of course, I could work more, but then I wouldn’t have the time to be helping the poor.) Here’s the webpage for the video.

I’m a sucker for videos like this, but the videos, and the monetary donations that they inspire aren’t enough. The poor don’t need your money, they need YOU! Your education. Your mind. Your loving heart. You know, your life. That’s the level of sacrifice that it’s going to take if you really want to make a difference. Sure, go ahead and donate, if you believe in the cause, but don’t think that’s enough and don’t stop there.

If you haven’t read the Sherlock Holmes story “Silver Blaze”, do read it now – I’ll wait. Okay, now that you’ve read it, read this.

If you really want to help, poor people need your time, not your money. Everyone wants your money, right? I mean, if you’re giving it away, I’ll take some, please. haha

Smell Away

It turns out that many of us subconsciously smell our hands after meeting someone (and shaking their hands) for the first time. It’s really quite logical, why wouldn’t we use our sense of smell to help identify someone new? You can read more here.

I can’t wait. Think of this as a type of virtual screen.

Pay attention to what the guy says about this controversy….he wants to go back to the llamas (see the second video). Meanwhile: 3 billion humans need glasses – that cost less than .50 cents (USD) from the factory; tens of thousands of children die daily from preventable causes; etc…