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“Aim small, miss small” from the newly released American Sniper. The movie offers some valuable insights into America’s wars of the 21st century, but I was particularly struck by this piece of advice.

On the surface, speaking about marksmanship, it’s practical wisdom. If you’re aiming at an elephant, you will either hit or miss, and while the same is true if you’re aiming at its leg, if you miss the leg, the miss is much more likely to be by a smaller margin. Thus, aim small, miss small.

On the other end of the spectrum comes Toyota’s newest Ad campaign: “One Bold Choice Leads to Another”

As with most things in life, the choice is yours. You can play it safe and “aim small”, or you can “go bold”. Personally, I don’t really feel as if I have a choice – I must go bold. In fact, I’d rather die than aim small. That doesn’t mean that I don’t ever aim small – wisdom dictates that there is a time and a place for everything – but that my overall mindset is one of wanting to matter.

I like Fox News. But I’m smart enough to know that you should NEVER trust a single source. I was interested to read this article after having seen it’s provocative headline:
Oil & The US Dollar
But as I read the article, I was bothered by this accompanying graph:
Oil & The US Dollar 1
Why didn’t the author show us the complete picture? It’s strange to say that there is a cause and effect and then only use about 8 months of data to prove your point. Or, as they say in university, “Correlation does not imply causation.” Clearly by using the above graph, the author is positing that correlation proves causation.

All of this provoked me to dig deeper (aka to think), and here’s what I found:
Oil & The US Dollar 2
Granted, I used an “Oil & Gas” index and the author used “Light Crude”, nevertheless the charts line up nicely over the 8 months that they both cover. Still, I know that that correlation proves nothing, so I’m not going to go out on a limb and say that the author is wrong. If you care enough about this, then be my guest to do the work and find a website that will give you both the Light Crude and the US Dollar Index.)

What I am going to say is this: NEVER TRUST A SINGLE SOURCE. I’ve contacted the author and have asked her for a more complete comparison.

[UPDATE: January 24, 2015 and still no response from the author.]

I’m only posting the following quote because some people seem to need reminding every once in a while. Having lived there for a year and a half or so, I can testify to the sad fact.

“Make no mistake: Vietnam is an authoritarian state. Dissent is criminalized. Critics who blog or protest against the government end up in prison. Human Rights Watch, which points to a”human rights crisis” in Vietnam, has catalogued abuses ranging from rampant bribery to abusive police.”

I have my own, chilling quote from a Vietnamese official, delivered personally to me after many weeks of harassment: “We don’t want you helping poor people here.” (I’m currently in Cambodia which welcomes my help and my current project: 1,000 Days to Educated) And in case you’re wondering, when I’m a guest in other peoples’ country’s, I completely avoid anything political, so them not welcoming me wasn’t about that. It was simply about power.

Now all we need are the Leaders.

Seriously, everything does. The next time things are going badly and you can’t understand why, consult this picture:
Reason for Everything

We have the solutions…we lack the Leaders. You can Lead.

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If you’re one of my liberal friends – and I do have many – please ignore that this comes from FOX News and focus on the content. (Flawed vessels don’t only exist, they are rampant, it’s called the human condition, and I too suffer from it.)

Educate yourself. Our enemies are not Muslims or Islamists; our enemies are radical extremists who hold a completely different set of values than we do and they are fighting us according to their values. They are an existential threat to our values, most critically, to our BEST VALUES, our freedoms: to be individuals; to think differently; to speak, write or draw whatever we wish; to ignore whatever we wish; to worship, or not; to love whomever we wish, or no one at all; to tolerate all of these things in others.