I Love Learning

For me, it’s ALL interesting, as you can tell from this brief collection of videos that enjoyed watching.

‘It’s not the alcohol that is poisonous, it’s what it causes to happen’ – a distinction without a difference. Your body is/was telling you STOP DRINKING.

Years Lost

This is quite interesting and worthy of 3 minutes of your time. ESPECIALLY if you combine my title question with the following one and ruminate on both for a while. “Are you living your ONE & ONLY life in a meaningful way?” In other words, it’s not just quantity (“years lost”), but also quality. Only you can answer for yourself.

The End of Polio

We’re 99+% of the way to eradicating Polio. Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide have contributed to the effort. Bill Gates takes a moment to say THANK YOU (for all of us), to all of them.

To everyone involved in the fight against polio,
Ten million children are alive and walking today because of your efforts to eradicate polio.
They will never know your names or what you have done for them. But if they did know, I believe they would want to say: Thank you.
Thank you for everything you are doing to wipe out this crippling disease.
Thank you for blanketing the world’s largest cities and its smallest villages—sometimes even risking your own lives—to make sure every child is protected from polio.
We have come so far—more than 99 percent of the way—and eradicating this disease is within our reach, as long as we keep up the effort.
For me personally, it is an honor to support your amazing work. One day we will come together to celebrate the end of polio, and the world will know that it was only possible because of what you are doing.
You have my admiration and my gratitude.
Bill Gates

If you want to learn more, here are a few things you can check out:
A TGN photo gallery that shows you what it takes to deliver polio vaccines in very remote places.
An XKCD strip —yes, a comic strip—about polio, by the smart and funny Randall Munroe.
GlobalGiving.org, where you can give money to Rotary to help the effort. Matching funds from our foundation will triple your impact.